Neymar wins big at roulette after casino loss

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
jackpot casino Neymar

If Neymar is known as a prodigy on the football field, it is also on the games of Online casino . Indeed, less than two weeks after losing the pharaonic sum of one million euros on a gaming platform, the footballer won a jackpot of $35,280 this Monday on a roulette game offered by the casino Blaze.

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From million to thousands for Neymar Jr

A few days ago, the Brazilian footballer Neymar lost the sum of 1 million euros wanting to try out the Blaze virtual casino during a gaming session broadcast on Twitch. Indeed, this is an operator with whom the 30-year-old player is in partnership, and whose activities are prohibited. The significance of the amount lost and the ease with which the footballer trivialized the situation had outraged the public, highlighting its indecency.

"The Brazilian footballer can rejoice, as he won 35,280 euros after placing an estimated bet of 10,960 euros."

After feigning tears following his previous disappointment, it seems that the second attempt was successful. Indeed, no more than fourteen days after the controversy, Neymar found himself once again gambling on the online casino Blaze, his 26th sponsor with whom he has a four-year contract. This time, the Brazilian footballer can rejoice, as he has won. $35,280 after placing a bet estimated at $10,960.

2910 is the number that brought luck to Neymar, as by choosing multiple numbers in the roulette game, this number was indeed included. A rather fortunate outcome this time, unlike the previous one. March 29 last.

Online roulette: the queen of casinos

Roulette jackpot Neymar

Very popular in the casino world, roulette is a game included in most catalogs of gaming platforms. This notoriety, she owes it in large part to her fairly simple gameplay. Indeed, in a game of roulette, the croupier throws a ball inside a cylinder. All the player has to do is guess in which number the ball will fail and place a bet. Depending on the variants, the cylinder will be made up of 37 numbers, Or 38.The player has up to 15 possibilities to place a bet.

All online roulette game variants, the most popular are:

  • european roulette,
  • American Roulette,
  • English roulette,
  • English roulette,
  • The mini roulette.

Not far from the slot machines, this game of chance is on the rise, because in addition to having simple rules to master, it also allows to boost your earnings dramatically and in minutes only. Even if we don't know exactly on which version of roulette Neymar was playing, it should still be noted that the English roulette remains the most lucrative to date.

Although he was lucky on a game of roulette, it is important to clarify that the football star remains a big fan of poker. Currently in remission from an ankle operation, the player of the Paris Saint Germain remains in the headlines even outside the lawns.

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