Jacks or Better: our express coaching to win the jackpot

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Today, video poker is hugely successful in online casinos. The reasons of this success ? This ingenious game of chance To blend perfectly, the strategies of poker with the modernism of slot machines. If you are used to navigate online gambling establishments, you have probably noticed that the most widespread and appreciated variant of players is Jacks or Better. In order to allow you to master the different rules and strategies of this game in record time, we have decided to dedicate a complete Dossier to it. Follow it strictly. our sound advice which will allow you to win very important prizes on your favorite video poker variant.

If you want to play Jack or Better video poker, discover and learn the rules

The rules of the casino game Jacks or Better are very easy to understand. First of all, it is important to know that you will be playing against the machine and therefore, against the casino. The casino will distribute different cards to you, which you will choose to keep or discard in order to create the best possible combination. In Jacks or Better, the winnings start to come in if you are lucky enough to have a hand that includes a pair of jacks, queens, kings or aces. The famous variant gets its name from this combination, with "jack" meaning "valet" in English.

Before you want to test each Jacks or Better casino title, memorize these combinations:

There are many other winning combinations in Jacks or Better. In order to make you discover them in detail, we have chosen to list them in the table below:

Combination name Cards
Pair of "Jacks or Better" Two cards: jack, queen, king or ace
Double pair Twice two cards of the same suit
three of a kind Three cards of the same suit
Fifth Five consecutive cards
Flush Five cards of the same suit
Full house A set + a pair
Edge Four cards of the same suit
straight flush Five consecutive cards of the same suit
Royal Flush Suite of 10, jack, queen, king and ace of the same color

To reap more gains, quickly adopt a Jacks or Better strategy among the following 6:

stratégie pour gagner

In Jacks or Better video poker, there are a few brilliant tricks to be implemented to allow you to win valuable earnings. If you may have already heard of Jacks or Better 9/6, there are others as well. In fact, we recommend that you try them out, as we have conducted our research on the best websites for Jacks or Better video poker. You won't have to speak English to search for "video poker Jacks or Better strategy" or "Jacks or Better poker strategy," as we have translated and approved them for you!

We have chosen to present to you, in detail, six of them, in order to help you win big in your next games. Take the time to analyze each weakness and strength of your different hands in order to choose the most judicious Jacks or Better strategy to apply:

  • Always keep the hand in case of straight, square or full.
  • If you already have four cards leading to a Straight, Straight Flush or Royal Flush, swap one of the cards in the deck to get the desired combination.
  • If you have a set, do not hesitate to exchange the remaining cards to try to obtain a full house.
  • If you have two pairs, get rid of the last card.
  • If you have a pair of king, queen, jack or ace, get rid of the three remaining cards.
  • If you have a winning combination that pays little, still keep it. Indeed, it will always be more advantageous to win small gains than to take the risk of losing everything.

Will you win a Jacks or Better bonus specific to your passion? Here is the answer

Unfortunately, today, video poker is not recognized for its true value. Indeed, bonuses are almost never specific to video poker. Moreover, if you have managed to land a Jacks or Better bonus on an online casino, we look forward to your feedback, as we are searching for a tailored bonus for our passion for Jacks or Better poker.

Thus, if you see a casino bonus that indicates "Jacks or better free spins" or extols the merits of a "Jacks or better slot machine", there is little chance that they are targeting a true fan of video poker Jacks or Better, but rather a slot machine named "Jacks or Better slot". We hope that online casinos will adapt a little more to the passions of each player and personalize the gifts offered to a minimum.

découvrir variantes video poker gratuit

The best way to learn and master Jacks or Better poker? free games

We will never sing enough praises for the Jacks or Better casino, but it is very important to get in tune without taking too many risks in the beginning. Learning a game, or specializing in a variant, takes time.

However, there is no reason for it to cost you money either, as Jacks or Better free is precisely there to allow you all the fun... without spending anything. Indeed, these demo mode games like free video poker allow you to learn about a newly released game, practice strategies that you have read in our casino guide, or simply pass the time.

It would be a shame to bet your real money on games that you are not sure you like, so use and abuse free games!

Aside from Jacks or Better poker, the best variations video poker has to offer are...

If you aim to become an ultimate master of video poker, nothing prevents you from improving yourself gradually on each variant of video poker. After Jacks or Better, perhaps you will be ready to tackle Tens or Better, Joker Poker, or even Deuces Wild, which is completely crazy and more difficult than it seems.

Get started, free games also help you make other discoveries, without risk, so it's the perfect opportunity to be curious!

Also, if you temporarily get bored of video poker, don't hesitate to try other casino games, such as playing online poker, learning roulette or blackjack, or even taking a break with a game of slot machines. You can play anywhere today, on mobile as well as on a computer, so why deprive yourself?

Not yet convinced by Jacks or Better video poker? Our readers-players have the floor

Because testimonials are worth a thousand words, we let you enjoy what our readers think about Jacks or Better poker:

jacks or better gagnant

« When I want to take a break from slots, but don't give up hope of winning big, Jacks or Better is a great alternative. » Emily M.

« I have already tried many variations of Video Poker, and despite the beautiful Deuces Wild payout tables, I much prefer to play Jacks or Better. "Xavier J.

« When I compared the payout rates, I disregarded slot machines and blackjack in favor of video poker, which is much more relaxing than iSlots! I chose Jacks or Better because it is the easiest variation and it pays out quite well. »Lou S.

« In March, my life changed thanks to a royal flush won at Jacks or Better multihand! I won almost $300,000... and I was able to buy the house of my dreams. (For obvious security reasons, this lucky winner preferred to remain anonymous).

Our latest tips to achieve the same feat as the player in our previous testimony, you need to maximize every poker bonus received. Keep in mind that the jackpot depends on just five cards, and a pair of jacks is the minimum you need to win.

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