The incredible story of the one-armed bandit: the chronology

histoire de la machine à sous

The one-armed bandit is currently the favorite of users of online casino sites. Whatever your desires, you are sure to find the machine that meets your expectations. However, access to these machines has not always been so easy. Since its creation, the slot machine has undergone a great number of transformations and improvements. major upheavals Let's go back together to the origins of this game of chance originally called "bandit-manchot".

America, the cradle of slot machine history

The one-armed bandit first appeared in San Francisco in 1895. It was Charles August Fey who was at the origin of this formidable invention. The first one slot machine works with a simple mechanical system. It is already automated and allows you to generate earnings very easily. What luck !

Baptized under the name Liberty Bell, the machine is composed of three reels, each offering 5 symbols. These symbols include a horseshoe, a spade, a heart, a diamond, and a bell. Charles August Fey thought of everything, as the machine has 10 stops and offers a total of 1,000 different combinations. It was a small revolution for its time. However, happiness only lasted for a few years. In the 1920s, prohibition led to a ban on the slot machine. It was then converted into candy dispensers. Fortunately, the history of the slot machine was still in its infancy at that time...

Incredible upheavals that will revolutionize the history of slots

In the 1960s, the machine underwent its first major upheaval with the advent of new technologies. The slot machine was redesigned to offer players an even more exhilarating experience. Payments became automated and the slot machine featured sounds and lights to make the experience even more real. In addition, the emergence of bonus games, which we know are highly appreciated by slot machine players, added to the excitement. Then came the explosion of the internet, which gave slot machines the place they deserve. Gambling and games of chance became more accessible and could be played at any time of the day or night. As a result, countless slot machines were developed.

An offer adapted to everyone thanks to the huge distribution of the one-armed bandit casino

Une offre

Currently, it is true that there are easily thousands of different slot machines on online casino sites. You can play them with real or fake money, with a progressive jackpot or with different pay lines... As you can imagine, the possibilities are limitless. Moreover, game providers are doing everything possible to offer you a rewarding experience on a slot machine casino. The graphics and scenarios are stunning, worthy of the greatest video games available on the market. Whether you're playing on your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can be sure to find the machine that will bring you a big win! Don't know where to start? Don't worry, we have the answers for you.

The slot machine has almost no more secrets for you? Do you still have a few concepts to deepen?

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