Casino Video Poker: the official guide to the game of video poker

Contrary to popular belief, video poker dates back to the 19th century. Of course, the electronic aspect didn't come until much later, in the 1970s, when land-based casinos started to become popular. This game, an indirect cousin of poker, is extremely easy to play and has the huge advantage of offering great payouts. Additionally, when you're intimidated by the idea of entering a physical casino or choosing a game on an online casino, video poker is much less daunting than table games where you don't really understand the excitement if you're not familiar with them. Casino Games So here's something to help you feel more confident, we have prepared a whole section explaining video poker, so you can start playing in a very calm way!

Rules of the Game

The rules of video poker are extremely simple. It's even more of a child's game when you're familiar with the "classic" combinations of poker. Straight, Flush, Two Pair, all of this, you'll have to learn before you have fun playing video poker, and that's thanks to our... video poker rules Combinations are often explained, but it is infinitely more comfortable to play without looking every 5 minutes which combination will be most advantageous for you!

This electronic game requires concentration, but it will be highly rewarded! Video poker is one of the most lucrative casino games. The house edge is not too low for operators to drop it, but not high enough to continue making a little money. So it's all benefits for the player!

The goal of this game is to get the best hand. Unlike poker, you play alone against yourself. Or rather, against the machine, because it is the machine that deals the cards that will determine whether you have a winning combination or not. The robot initially gives you 5 cards, and you must choose which ones to keep and which ones to discard, anticipating a strategy for the next round. Once you have decided, a second draw will be made with other random cards, and that will be the moment of truth! We invite you to discover the rules in more detail in this article while testing on a game of... free video poker .

Video poker game strategies

The tips that allow you to win more easily at video poker are numerous. First and foremost, keep in mind that there is no foolproof method that will allow you to win every time. Video poker, like many casino games, is based on chance. In this context, neither the casino nor you can predict successive draws! However, you can still try to increase your odds.

In this article, you will find some tips and tricks that constitute good video poker strategies The first reflex to have is known and applicable to all online gambling games. Budget management is indeed a key point that you must absolutely respect if you want to have fun for longer and avoid potential money problems. Take good care to choose the variant that suits you best, the choice of video poker versions will not be the same depending on your level in this game.

Therefore, we propose an example of strategy for Jacks or Better. Indeed, it is the most popular and highly regarded variant among players, both beginners and experienced. Video poker requires, like classic poker, a good amount of concentration! Make sure you have enough time to finish your game while limiting losses! The reflexes you will acquire with our tips can be adapted to all versions of video poker you choose. So do not hesitate any longer and finally discover the ultimate strategy for success in video poker!

Variants of video poker

You will have the opportunity to test many versions of video poker if you are registered on a video poker casino and are a little curious. As a beginner, you will certainly have a preference for Jack or Better. This is the easiest variant, as all you need to do is get a combination of double jacks to start earning winnings. You will understand much better, of course, by referring to our section devoted to the rules of video poker.

Next, the Jack or Better has several sub-variants which have, more or less, the same operation mode, but have different requirements regarding the pay table. Among these "variants of variants" we can cite the Tens or Better, the Bonus Poker, the Aces and Faces or even the "All American". The variant that rivals the Jack or Better is the Deuces Wild. This version of video poker is very easy to understand, but you will need to acquire a certain level of skill to juggle with the rules of this version. In fact, the principle is to consider the number "2" as a Wild symbol like the ones found on slot machines! Yes, it may seem complicated, but it's just a matter of getting used to it. Why is Deuces Wild not recommended for beginners? Simply because the pay table is much more demanding than with Jacks or Better and will quickly discourage players who don't win right away.

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