Electronic roulette cheating at the Wien casino

Friday, 24 2023
Tricherie roulette électronique casino Wien

At the casino Vienna, three individuals suspected of cheating at roulette were arrested on Tuesday February 7 . In fact, an employee of casino A passerby on Kärntner Strasse who had noticed the suspicious behavior of an individual in front of an electronic roulette machine decided to investigate further. After reviewing the surveillance footage, he was able to uncover the secret and alerted the police authorities so they could proceed with his arrest.

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A trio of fraudsters tampered with a roulette machine at the Wien casino

"The suspects had a device hidden in their jackets that helped them skew the results of the draws."

At the electronic roulette table located on the ground floor of the Kärntner Strasse casino in downtown Vienna , the players sit around the electronic roulette table which is protected by a dome . Players place their bets on their own screens. Unlike normal roulette tables, electronic roulette tables have no dealer Facing the players. However, in order to ensure the smooth running of the games, a casino employee monitors the game and the players through surveillance cameras. That is how they were able to notice the suspicious behavior of certain players who were winning unbelievably too often.

Casino Wien

The employee, who decided to see more clearly, began to view the images from the CCTV cameras. He was thus able to notice the manipulations that the latter operated in order to distort the results of the draws in their favor Indeed, the suspects had a well-thought-out strategy, they had a device concealed in their jackets that helped them manipulate the outcome of the drawings. Once this observation was made, the police were called so that they could proceed with the arrest of the suspected individuals.

Police arrest 47-year-old man and two of his accomplices

According to the police, the alleged fraudster managed to manipulate the electronic roulette machine , which also has a mechanical element. After the investigations, it turned out that the latter was not operating alone, and that he had at least two accomplices with whom he relieved himself to carry out the job. The total amount of money that they are accused of stealing has not yet been announced by the casino. The extent of the damage is still not clear.

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