Unusual roulette scam at the Lucerne casino game

Friday, July 15, 2023
Escroquerie insolite au casino de Lucerne

The roulette is a very popular game in international casinos. The grand casino of Lucerne attracts thousands of players every year. It can be said that security is no small matter in this casino. And yet, four men recently fraudulently pocketed. more than 30,000 francs by playing roulette. In order to obtain such a sum, the scammers devised a Machiavellian plan that did not go as planned!

A well-crafted scam

“Four men recently fraudulently pocketed more than 30,000 francs while playing roulette. The crooks came up with a Machiavellian plan that did not go as planned!”

THE faking took place at night in April 2019 on one of the gaming tables of Roulette from the casino in Lucerne. According to the establishment's security chief, the numbers were rigged. It seems that one of the criminals placed thin black sheets on the numbers: 26, 29, 17, 11, 8, and 84. These sheets were intended to reduce the number of ball bounces and therefore increase the likelihood that one of these numbers would be drawn.

The maneuver of the other two consisted of distract the dealer as well as the people around the table. The goal was to recover the black leaves using a magnet.

Another sat in front of the slot machine making bets with the rigged roulette numbers. He bet 2225 times and sometimes bet 845 francs by draw. He didn't always bet on fake numbers to avoid being noticed.

lucerne casino

Serious consequences for the thugs

The crooks thus accumulated in the early morning the tidy sum of 30,000 francs . The plan could have worked perfectly without counting the flair of the security personnel who sensed that something was wrong with this group of players. After this scam rather well organized, it was obvious that the culprits were going to flee.

They were caught at the country's border during a customs check.

The agents found on the four crooks the material having been used to set up the scam :

  • Son ;
  • Magnets;
  • Leaves ;
  • Loot received.

charged with fraudulent use The four men were tried in the Lucerne District Court and are now banned from entering the country. However, their guilt has not been proven. The material was not found near the roulette table, but in the suspects' car. Defense lawyers claimed that the men were simply lucky that night.

The director of security at the Lucerne casino has made a commitment to strengthen monitoring Within the establishment, additional measures have been taken while the security personnel have been increased in order to enable the Lucerne casino to respond to any attempts of fraud within the gaming facility.

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