Top 3 of the most unusual casino losses in the world

Friday, March 29, 2023
tirelire cochon rose rotie par l'argent

Losing is part of the game. No matter your age or social class, everything is canceled out when you're on your way to the casino. If you've recently been on a losing streak, look on the bright side: you don't (yet) feature in our ranking of the craziest casino losses.

Control your bets and only play what you can lose

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Before starting our ranking, we remind you of some rules to follow when visiting the casino. Even if the lure of winning is enticing, it is essential to only gamble with what you can afford to lose. Gambling is a leisure activity, a passion, and should never interfere with your personal life.

To avoid ending up like the big spenders on our ranking, playing at an online casino is an option to consider. Indeed, you will regularly benefit from different bonuses that will allow you to enjoy playing. This is the case with the new sensation on the English market, which offers a very tempting bonus. The online casino FatBoss, in fact, offers - exclusively on our site - a bonus of $400 + 100 Free Spins.

When gambling addiction takes over reason

#3 The student who loses all his savings

économies bocal college

The story takes place in a small Canadian casino in 2015 and will make you think twice about the amount of money to bet in a casino. A graduate student has placed all of his savings on a blackjack table and is dealt a hand value of 20. The dealer, on the other hand, first draws a 3, and then 6 more cards to finally reach a total of 21 and win the game.

Result : -15,000 dollars and return to Chinese noodles for our poor student.

#2 The Speedy Gonzales of Roulette

speedy gonzales

Today listed as one of the fastest losses in casino history, we now find ourselves in front of a roulette wheel (or rather 3 in reality). Robert Maxwell, press magnate and known for his big bets, managed to triple his losses ... by playing on 3 roulette wheels at the same time.

Result : -1.5 million dollars in 3 minutes, or -8,000 dollars per second.

#1 Undisputed supremacy, the BOSS of losses

billet qui s'envole

All these anecdotes bow down to Terry Watanabe. This man, heir to a powerful business enterprise, has wagered over a billion dollars in total. Our crazy man may be at the top of our ranking, but his disproportionate bets and on multiple games at once certainly haven't placed him on the roof of the most strategic men.

Result : -127 million dollars for the year 2007 and a severe headache for its banker.

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