The 4 Weirdest Casino Player Superstitions

Thursday, August 9, 2023
4 superstitions les plus étranges des joueurs de casino

Superstitions are very numerous and sometimes differ between cultures. What brings luck here brings misfortune there. Quid: in a land-based casino, what are the 4 biggest superstitions that give a player the chills? We reveal them in this article so that you can avoid a diplomatic incident...

1. Don't accept $50 bills

billet banque 50 barré

Some novice players would remain doubtful about this advice... Indeed, why would one refuse money? The reason is very simple. Aside from the fact that one is distrusting of everything and everyone and that a generous donation would be very suspicious, this specific superstition has quite tangible origins.

In the past, the casino world had a bad reputation, it was said that the mafia controlled many establishments or laundered not very clean money. If today things have drastically changed and the world of gambling is secure, some remnants of superstition have remained.

At the time when organized crime ruled the realm of gambling houses, mobsters would slip a $50 bill into the pocket of the person they planned to eliminate. Today, this risk is highly unlikely, but out of superstition, refuse any $50 bill that is offered to you. Unfortunately, history does not say whether it is permissible to accept a $50 bill...

2. Do not lend money to another player

"By lending your money, you are exposed to the 'risk' that the beneficiary will hit the jackpot for him. »

Even if you have more money than you need to gamble and want to help out a friend or stranger, don't lend money.

You will never see, in a land-based casino, a player lending money to another player. This is not stinginess (most of the time), it is simply because this act would bring bad luck to the lender.

Indeed, by lending our money, we expose ourselves to the "risk" that the beneficiary hits the jackpot instead of us. In this sense, what could be considered an act of charity would actually push luck away. Just saying...

3. Don't whistle during a game

If in Russia, whistling inside a house prevents money from entering, it is just as frowned upon to whistle in a land-based casino while waiting for the ball to stop on your number in roulette. It is customary among players to believe that whistling is akin to summoning bad luck.

4. Don't count your chips or money

It is a superstition known among many gamblers: you should not count your money or chips while you are playing, whether it is poker, slot machines, or any other game. Nobody really knows why, but just in case...

You know what you have to do to make a good impression when you indulge in gaming sessions in a land-based casino! Of course, there are many other beliefs that sometimes shape the lives of certain players. While some are rather logical, others seem irrational, but we have no intention of passing judgment on any of them.

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