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THE video poker Video Poker has a slightly special status in casinos. Indeed, they seem to be somewhat disinterested in this game, thinking that players do not master their technique well. As a result, we can see colossal payout rates that are extremely advantageous for players who understand the intricacies of this game. It is therefore greatly interesting to take a closer look at Video Poker. Too many players consider Video Poker as a variant of slot machines. This is not the case, and Video Poker can prove to be very profitable. Discover how by reading the following paragraphs.

Getting ready to play Video Poker

As with all casino games, it is recommended here to determine a maximum amount and maximum play time in advance to minimize disappointment and maintain the enjoyment of the game.

For Video Poker, another preparation is needed regarding the machine/software themselves. Indeed, Video Poker games offer multiple options and it is important to master them all before starting to play. Take a look at the paytable, observe each game function, and understand the different options. Because, afterwards, things can happen very quickly. So take your time before starting to make sure you master the game and not the other way around!

Some strategies to play well and have fun at Video Poker

There are many variations of Video Poker. We are interested here in the popular version called "Jack or Better". Indeed, if the player knows this version well, the others that derive from it will then be easy for them to adapt to all game situations.

Here are the main game scenarios to remember:

  • Keep four cards because they can generate a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush.
  • Keep three cards because they can get you a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush.
  • Keep two cards similar and lower than the "pair of jacks" combination in order to try to obtain a full house, a three of a kind or a two pair.
  • Keep two of your strongest cards: in case they are stronger or equal to the value of a jack, in order to try to get a hand that pays off, that is, a three of a kind or a four of a kind.

With this strategy, you should have a lot of fun playing Video Poker. But be careful, knowing these strategies doesn't mean you can afford to stop concentrating. Concentration is still necessary at all times when playing at the casino, whether it be real or virtual. Now it's your turn to play!

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