Blackjack strategy: the blackjack table and our tips for winning

Remember this wonderful film by Barry Levinson in 1988: "Rain Man". It is indeed during a game of blackjack that the character played by the talented Dustin Hoffman masters the art of counting cards in blackjack in an absolutely astonishing way. This sequence has now become legendary and blackjack players watch it tirelessly. Do as they do and take inspiration from this great moment in cinema... and as a reminder. online blackjack !

Philosophy of Blackjack Strategy and Managing Emotions

Before talking specifically about blackjack strategy and mentioning the famous strategy chart that every blackjack player must memorize, let's remind ourselves of the basic philosophy of every blackjack player: sticking to the initial plan and keeping your initial goal in mind. This is the only way to achieve the goal that we have set for ourselves.

This may seem simple when reading this advice in an article, but when the game starts, it is not uncommon to see emotions take over and all the well-established plans simply fly away.

We must always come back to this key phrase: stick to the plan and control your emotions. It is essential and will save you from situations that may seem critical at first glance. Know that we can only advise you to watch video tips, it's always clearer. So, to optimize your earnings in blackjack, watch the blackjack strategy.

The Strategy Board

We can now introduce the blackjack strategy chart. If you want to become a true blackjack player, you must first obtain this chart and memorize it.

Indeed, this table summarizes the good decisions to make according to the actual statistics of the blackjack game. Thus, it indicates to you, regardless of the hands that you and the dealer possess, whether you should "double", "draw", "pass", "split", etc.

This is a very simple double-entry blackjack chart. Vertically, it represents your hands, horizontally, it represents the dealer's cards. And at the intersection of the two, it shows what to do. It is very straightforward.

But the trap of this table is to sometimes want to stray from it, to succumb, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, to temptation or to be carried away by the whirlwind of the game. Remember: stick to the plan.

One final piece of advice should be given before letting you learn the lines of your strategy table. In fact, more than just a game tip, it's a recommendation for good manners at the gaming table. Out of respect for other players and the dealer, don't take too long to make your decisions. Even if you're reading your table next to the computer, always remain polite and don't stretch out your playing time too much. Good luck at Blackjack!

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