Get rid of bad luck: 3 essential items

Friday, 2 July 2023
trèfle pièces sel sauge malchance chance

When it comes to beliefs, superstitions, and other cultural talismans, the human species can be very inspired. We have discovered in recent weeks that this is especially true in the world of gambling, where nothing is too eccentric. Without rhyme or reason, here is the top of the most unusual objects that are supposed to ward off bad luck:

No, salt is not just for cooking...


A generally known custom in Western culture, salt is said to be used to ward off the evil eye and bad luck. As you may already know, there are several beliefs relating to salt.

♣ One of the most well-known among them is undoubtedly the idea that throwing a pinch of salt over your LEFT shoulder would attract good luck by warding off the evil eye. On the contrary, throwing salt on the right side would attract even more bad luck.

♣ Want to relax while getting rid of bad luck? Why not opt ​​for a salt water bath? This ritual would cleanse your body of bad luck.

♣ The latest salt superstition would say that putting a pinch of salt in the corners of every room, as well as on every windowsill would break bad luck.

And you, what is your lucky charm?

trèfle clés fer à cheval

The lucky charms to take everywhere with you are certainly the best known way to ward off bad luck, and probably the most discreet way too...

♣ The four Leaf Clover Is, without a doubt, an internationally recognized lucky symbol. This superstition is actually derived from Celtic mythology. Each of the four leaves represents a characteristic: wealth, good health, fame, and love.

♣ The key charms , especially when three keys are combined together, would bring good fortune. These three keys would represent the keys that open the three doors of luck: fortune, health, and love.

♣ Hang a Horseshoe To attach an iron object to a wall or door of one's dwelling would help ward off the evil eye, but be careful to ensure that the two points of the iron are directed upwards, otherwise good luck would "escape".

Sage, in sauce or to burn?


Apparently, kitchen ingredients are used to attract good fortune more than we think! Sage would therefore also be a miraculous ingredient to get rid of bad luck.

♣ Get a bunch of dried sage beforehand and light it. But be careful, just as if sage were incense, it must smoke and not burn.

♣ Then go through your home carrying the bouquet of smoke and ensuring that the smoke reaches every corner of each room. Finally, open the doors and windows to let the negative energy escape.

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