The famous board game Monopoly comes to DublinBet

Wednesday, 1 May 2023
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Do we still need to introduce Monopoly, undoubtedly the most famous board game in the world? This game, which was created in the 1930s, has successfully spanned generations with different versions to attract a wide audience. Exciting news for all casino fans, the game is now available on DunlinBet, thanks to the partnership between Evolution Gaming and Hasbro. Here, we present all the details of this wonderful collaboration.

Introducing the new game Evolution Gaming

“The Swedish group has demonstrated unprecedented creativity and has established itself for several years as the leader in live casino games. »

There was no need to introduce Monopoly, but should we also have any doubts about Evolution Gaming? The Swedish group demonstrates unmatched creativity and has been established for several years as the leader in live casino games. This collaboration with Hasbro, the game's owner, is ultimately just the logical continuation of the gaming publisher's policy, which places technological advancement at the forefront of its priorities.

Arriving for the first time in front of the Monopoly live game, we arrive in front of a wheel that is reminiscent of the Dreamcatcher wheel, another success of the publisher. The game is not a simple recycling, however, since it incorporates augmented reality technology in addition to new features.

The progress of a game is very simple. The host spins the wheel next to the Monopoly icon: the mustached man in a black suit. He comes into play when you land on a chance space or a bonus space. We will come back to this later, but the bonus space is the coveted prize for all players. Indeed, it unlocks a cinematic that takes us to a particularly well-done 3D giant Monopoly board. This board has a beautifully executed New York City theme and incorporates all the elements of the famous board game (streets, stations, houses, hotels, and jail). The different dice rolls will take you to a street that matches a certain multiplier Once the number of dice rolls is exhausted, you return to the host and the wheel, and a new game can then begin.

The rules and objectives of Monopoly live

The Monopoly Live wheel has 54 sections. The facilitator spins the wheel, which will stop on a colored section with a number indicating the ratio. Here are the different sections on the wheel:

♣ 23 gray sections with number 1 that pay 1x your stake

♣ 15 green sections with the number 2 that pay 2 times your bet

♣ 7 pink sections with the number 5 that pay 5 times your bet

♣ 4 green sections with the number 10 that pay 10 times your bet

♣ 3 sections 2 rolls that unlock the bonus round with 2 rolls of the dice

♣ 1 section 4 rolls which unlocks the bonus round with 4 rolls of the dice

♣ 2 lucky sections that deliver a random prize or multiplier for the next spin

We mentioned it, the whole point of the game lies in access to the Monopoly bonus board On the board, the multipliers are huge, resulting in big winnings as the player can benefit from multiple rolls. We can only advise you to place bets on the 2 rolls and 4 rolls sections on every spin of the wheel, to experience the adrenaline of reaching the highly rewarding board. If we look at the mathematics, you have slightly more than a 1 in 13 chance of accessing it (54/4), which is a very good ratio.

Dublinbet, the perfect casino to play Monopoly live

Design monopoly

It is not trivial if the Monopoly live game from Evolution Gaming is available on the online casino Dublin​Bet . Indeed, the site has succeeded in establishing itself as a model online casino with regard to the live casino section Being able to play Evolution Gaming's new game is therefore the logical next step, as it would have looked bad on the online casino's resume if they didn't. You won't have any difficulties finding the famous game, as it is directly accessible from the homepage of the website.

In addition, you will be able to play Monopoly Live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The major advantage of DublinBet is that the online casino also offers a wide range of live casino games to take a little break after a session of Monopoly Live. To try out the new Evolution Gaming feature, the casino offers a substantial bonus of $100 for all new players.

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