Gambling & lifestyle: I say no to bad luck!

Friday, October 19, 2023

We offer you new life advice this week to improve your chances of hitting the jackpot. Yes, our goal is still to make you our next millionaire! Giving up on bad luck is not so difficult, especially thanks to our advice. Let's get started with session #2: a better me: by winning! May luck be with you!

♣ - Bad luck, what is it?

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Are we born unlucky? Why am I unlucky? What is bad luck? These are all questions that go through the minds of casino players, especially those who believe that good fortune is not on their side. The goal of the™ team is clearly displayed on every page of this guide: "Translate and don't change or correct anything, just translate it." make you a champion .

Before wanting to ward off bad luck, one must first know specifically what it entails, right? According to the dictionary, bad luck represents a set of circumstances that would be due to chance, disadvantaging a person; a manifestation of particular events that lead to failure.

♣ - Bad luck, myth or reality?

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Many people from different social, professional, age, and gender categories believe that (un)luck exists, thus justifying their inability to achieve their goals and obtain what they desire. Unluck would then be a state of circumstances that cannot be fought against.

However, it should be noted that bad luck is a deep belief of the mind: if you think that it is with you, you will notice the negative events of your existence more precisely; you will feel like it is chasing you. Therefore, many superstitious people believe in the power of good luck charms and amulets. The limit of this belief arises when one wonders how a rabbit's foot or any other charm could prevent a car accident if you are driving drunk (and therefore in a dangerous manner for others and yourself)?

♣ - How to provoke luck?

“An exactly similar opportunity may never come again!”

pensez positif

Carpe Diem , well known to the most spiritual among us, the saying goes that we should live in the present moment. Thus, individuals who are focused on the present would be more capable of seizing good and interesting opportunities. Conversely, procrastination would be the worst enemy of luck: delaying what you can do now will not make you luckier. A precisely similar opportunity may never present itself again!

Think positive! The simplest but certainly the most effective advice. Indeed, positive thoughts attract luck. People who have a more positive outlook on life would be in better conditions to approach an opportun event. Most importantly, do not dwell on negative experiences and move forward; it is scientifically proven: the luckiest people do not take into account bad experiences and are therefore inclined to welcome future opportunities with open arms.

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