Bingo rules: learn how to play bingo to win jackpots

THE casino bingo is very often associated with festive periods. It is most often played with family during annual gatherings or ceremonies of all kinds. In the past, someone would bring a game with cards, pencils, etc. Today, everyone plays online. Times change, as do the supports and technologies, but the pleasure remains the same and it seems that this will be the case for a long time to come!

90 Ball Bingo

So, here we go, you decide to dive into the 90-ball Bingo! The whole family is connected, let's do it. First step: buy some cards. Everyone gets the desired number of cards. The first exclamations are heard. Someone can't find their lucky number on their cards, another person thinks their numbers are not homogeneous enough. The atmosphere is starting to heat up.

In summary and despite all these superstitions, each has 15 numbers. Only time will tell if they were ultimately good or bad this time around.

Then, the drawing begins. The first number is announced. I've got it! No, she's got it! It's him who's got it! The tension is palpable but feeds the dynamism of the game. Some nervously fiddle with their "lucky charm". The game continues and the numbers are drawn one after the other. Each player is then in search of the famous "full card"!

When the game ends, everyone laughs generously at having been literally caught up in the game and is eager to start again as soon as possible!

Bingo or Lotto?

These two games of chance are somewhat considered cousins. They look alike, but they are very different.

Their similarity is that both involve the random drawing of numbers.

It is at the level of the boxes that the differences exist. In Bingo, as we have just seen, the numbers are predefined and the players come to check them off as they go.

At the Loto, each player decides on their numbers by choosing and marking them themselves. Then, the draw decides whether or not to prove them right. The two principles are actually opposite... but the enjoyment is the same.

In conclusion, it should be noted that there is also a 75-ball Bingo. For this game, cards have 25 squares arranged in five columns. At the top of each column is a letter: B for the first, then I, N, G, and O, forming the word "BINGO". The rules are then the same as those stated previously: a number is randomly drawn and players must frantically mark off their grids, plain and simple.

What would you say to know everything about Bingo?

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