Find out how to play slot machines: a complete point on the rules

Règles de la machine à sous

The jackpot! The jackpot! Everyone dreams of that famous jackpot and... some manage to win it. But before trying your luck on slot machines, carefully read the following article to know the main characteristics of these dream machines and thus have maximum fun when you play. After learning how to choose a machine and manage your bets wisely, you will be ready to join the ranks of the lucky winners. Don't waste time, start spinning those reels and hope for the jackpot! Slot machine On a casino, ready to discover how to play slot machines by exploring the rules?

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Step One – Know How to Play Casino Slots by Understanding the Product

For as long as anyone can remember, the undisputed queen of casinos has been the slot machine. Practiced in land-based casinos since their inception, slots offer a super simple gameplay in these gambling houses. But what about the machines offered in online casinos? Well, believe it or not - while their use may take a different form - they are no more complicated... So let's start with an overview of this product in order to understand how to play slot machines in casinos with full knowledge of the facts.

The structure of the slot

When you play on the internet, you have virtual access to the same components as those present in land-based casinos. You will therefore find:

  • Rollers : These are between 3 and 6 and display various symbols. When you launch the machine, they start spinning and then stop at random (thanks to the random number generator), thus displaying certain symbols.
  • Symbols: each reel displays a certain number of boxes. On the latter are symbols, that is to say a limited variety of illustrations adapted to the theme of the machine;
  • Paylines: each machine provides a limited number of paylines, i.e. combinations of symbols that will allow you to generate winnings. The design of these lines and the amount of money at stake are determined by the machine creators;
  • Bet sliders: they allow you to manage the amount of money you want to invest on each line, and the number of lines you bet on;
  • A launch button: Once you are ready to try your luck, all you have to do is click on this button and the reels will spin. There is no need to click again to stop the machine, as it happens automatically. Please note that you can also select an automatic spin for a predetermined number of rounds, so you don't have to click every time.

The aim of the game

The goal of this game is simple: you have to have a winning combination of symbols in order to win as much money as possible. Depending on the machines, the symbols and combinations may vary.

To begin, the player places a bet, and then they activate the "reels" of the machine. When playing in an online casino, it is no longer really about "reels" as such, but the term has remained in the players' jargon.

When the "reels" stop, the player's heart also has a small pause before the... verdict! Maybe it's the Jackpot?! Even if the player is playing for the first time and the machine has already allowed another player to win the jackpot in the previous hour, anything is possible. The jackpot can happen at any time. Otherwise, the combination can still be good and bring in some money, or it's just a matter of trying again and crossing your fingers for better luck next time.

Basic tips

Here are what constitute the main rules of slot machines. But here we want to add three valuable tips:

  • Never despair (a jackpot happens very quickly);
  • Choose machines with a high payout rate to increase your chances of winning;
  • Always having fun is fundamental and it is the basis of all gambling.

Second step - Mastering the rules of slot machines concerning bets

When playing slot machines online, you do not insert coins or tokens into the machine. So, how do you determine how much to bet? The rules of online slot machines are very simple in this regard, as you will see.

At the bottom of your screen, you will find, near the launch button, two options that will be very useful to you regarding your bets. These are spaces for:

  • Determine the number of lines you wish to play on

Not all online slot machines offer this functionality, but you will sometimes see it appear on certain slots. It is simply an option that gives you the ability to bet on only a portion of the winning lines provided by the machine.

  • Set the number of chips to be played each turn on each line

Slots allow their users to bet within a pre-defined range of money. Some machines have bets ranging from $0.01 to $1, while others have bets ranging from $10 to $300. This means that each payline you invest in will cost you, in the latter case, a minimum of $10. So be careful to choose this information according to your budget.

Third step – The rule of a slot machine also depends on its features

Although the basic rule of a slot machine is the same for all products, publishers constantly add new features that make your gameplay more interesting.

You will find in particular the most common options which are:

  • The Wild: it replaces any symbol to facilitate the formation of winning combinations;
  • The Scatter: this special symbol activates other new and profitable features if you get at least 3 of them on the reels;
  • Free spins: when these symbols appear at the minimum number of 3, they entitle you to free spins;
  • Bonus games: randomly, the basic interface can give way to a brand new design and a game with turned upside down rules.

Our advice before you start playing with real money: learn how to master these elements by testing free slot machines first. This will allow you to know how to play slot machines by discovering how they work without stress!

Fourth step - The rules of the different types of slots

There are different types of slots in online casinos. While the rules of slot machines in a casino will remain the same, the way these games are used may sometimes vary a little. Let's therefore look at the differences between these types of machines!

  • classic slot machines

These are the so-called "normal" slots, sometimes also called "straight" and/or "basic slots". In the form of video or 3D slot machines, they are ideal for moderate budgets, as they allow for more frequent wins, but in smaller amounts. No jackpot is actually in place. The highest possibility of winning is therefore balanced out by low and regular wins.

  • Jackpot machines

This is about products that allow for the possibility of winning a fixed jackpot. If a certain combination of symbols appears, the jackpot falls. Note that these games sometimes provide different jackpots depending on the amount placed. The more you bet, the bigger the jackpots.

  • Machines offering progressive jackpots

With the so-called "progressive" machines, as you have understood, the jackpot grows. Depending on the number of players on one hand and the amounts wagered on the other hand, the jackpot fluctuates and sometimes things move very quickly. The slot machines remain games of chance, but also become a matter of speed. The big advantage here is that the jackpot is composed of bets made by players enjoying the same game as you, and this from all online casinos around the world. The winnings are therefore astronomical, exceeding several million euros...

Avoid playing right after the jackpot has fallen, as its amount is then minimum.

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