Why do some regions of France play more gambling?

Friday, February 12, 2023
Jeux d'argent France région

According to some sociological studies and in particular that led by Jean-Pierre Martignoni (sociologist specializing in the gambling industry), certain regions of France are more likely to try their luck at gambling than others (lottery, scratch ticket, slot machine, sports and horse betting, etc.).

This difference is made both in tobacco shops, Land based casinos and online casinos. This is easily explained by some disparities between regions . We explain this to you below.

The superstition factor

Historically, certain regions of France have been more superstitious that others. In the south of France, in Corsica in particular, the English tend to bet much more money (twice as much on average as other players).

The geographical factor

A disparity between the cities and the countryside can be explained by the proximity to points of sale of the FDJ type and the fact that the border regions would play abroad more often.

régions française casinos jeux d'argent

The climatic factor

Southern regions are much more likely to live outdoors and to gather in bars and cafes with friends, which can encourage them to play games such as lotto, scratch games, PMU, etc.

The sociological factor

The more disadvantaged backgrounds are generally more likely to gamble than the more affluent classes. Thus, the highly urbanized regions like Marseille, Lille and Paris are certainly more likely to have a higher rate of players than less concentrated areas.

Likewise, it has been shown that immigrants are often more attracted to gambling and they generally live in more urbanized regions.

“The more disadvantaged backgrounds are generally more likely to gamble than the more affluent classes. »

The economic factor

The Games Observatory also noticed that people who save are less likely to gamble than higher spenders. Thus, the inhabitants of the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, for example, are much less inclined to gamble than the Corsicans who are deemed to be more spendthrift .

Finally, the disparities in terms of games in the regions are easily explained, but there is a game that brings together all classes and all regions, it is the lotto. He represents a big jackpot dream that all the English try to touch with their finger.

And you, what are your gambling habits?

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