Crediting your account and withdrawing your winnings: our advice

Méthodes de paiement en cash et par carte bancaire

Succeed in find a payment method Adapting to one's tastes and needs is not always easy. So we have surveyed the country's deposit and withdrawal platforms and present a product sheet for each of the best actors of the moment.

Using PayPal at a Casino

This is one of the most secure electronic wallets on the net. Deposit money and withdraw your winnings on a PayPal Casino will therefore be smooth and ultra-fast. Check out our review on this method to learn more.

Use Neteller at a casino

Paying at an online casino and withdrawing your winnings in a flash is an option that tempts you? In this case, NetellerCasino is the method for you. Instant and 100% secure, it has been the delight of online players for many years...

Using Skrill at a Casino

Do you want to find an electronic wallet that allows you to pay in a fraction of a second, securely and anonymously? In this case, choose a Skrill Casino and start frenzied gaming sessions. If you still have some doubts, our analysis will allow you to clarify the essential points.

Use Paysafecard at a casino

Using Paysafecard means having the guarantee of access to an unparalleled security service. This system of prepaid tickets is indeed flawless, and allows you to play on a Paysafecard Casino while remaining completely anonymous.

Use bitcoins at a casino

Pay through BitcoinCasino is certainly the most modern method. For a few years now, this cryptocurrency has been making a buzz in online casinos, bringing unparalleled benefits to its users. They are listed in our analysis sheet.

The first withdrawal, an important stage in the life of the player

You have played sometimes for a few hours, but often it was much longer. But here you finally made it, you have achieved the perfect game that will ultimately earn you money. You now have winnings to collect. It is an important moment in the life of a casino player, a mix of joy and pride that is truly enjoyable to experience.

And to not spoil this moment, it is important to ensure that everything goes well. This will depend on you, of course, and also on the online casino. If you followed our advice in choosing the casino, then you are playing with a trustworthy partner, so you should have no problem retrieving your winnings. However, there is always a small doubt that lingers the first time, until your funds are transferred to you. We will describe the methods you have for making this withdrawal.

How to make your withdrawal?

We told you, you have several methods to withdraw your money when you play at an online casino. These methods are really interesting and secure, which you probably already know very well. If you need more details afterwards, then don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with information. The methods are as follows:

  • Neteller is undoubtedly the method you should prioritize now. It is available in all the casinos you play with, without exception. In our article on withdrawals, we told you how to create an account. It will be a mandatory step, but don't be afraid before trying, you will see that it's very simple. The only condition here is that you must have already made a deposit with Neteller for your account to be valid. The withdrawal with this method is simple and quick, you receive the money within 24 hours or a maximum of 48 hours. Then, it's up to you to use it as you wish: either transfer it to your current account, use your Neteller account to make purchases on other sites, or use the Mastercard/Neteller debit card that you can order when you open your account.
  • The bank transfer to your current bank account is probably the most popular method today, but it tends to disappear due to the long delay, 3 to 5 business days. Some casinos no longer even offer bank transfers. It's still a shame because what players appreciate about this method is that the money arrives directly in your account and then you can use it as you wish.

The withdrawal period

Some panic because they see their withdrawal requests remain pending for 24 hours. Rest assured, this is completely normal, it is called the withdrawal period. In simple terms, if you are a player and have made a withdrawal, you may want to cancel it to use the amount for playing. This will be possible within this 24-hour period. So, there is no need to worry.

Why make a deposit in an online casino?

To answer this question, you first need to know why you are playing at an online casino. Some players, although not the majority, come to play at an online casino simply to pass the time, because they want to relax with games they enjoy but in no way see gambling as a means to make money. It is also out of the question for them to wager any money. In this case, indeed, making a deposit may not necessarily be useful.

On the other hand, for players who come to play with the intention of making profits, yes, you will have no other choice but to deposit. The expression "money goes to money" takes on its full meaning in a situation like this: if you make a deposit, then you can play in real mode and therefore make real gains. You have to play with your money in order to hope to recover more.

How to make a deposit in an online casino?

You have several options for making your deposit when you are an online casino player. The establishments, in fact, try to adapt to the players to first make their task easier and then completely secure the transaction, which is now 100% guaranteed. The methods you can use are:

  • Bank cards (VISA and Mastercard, sometimes American Express): this method is necessarily the most used by players because today, very few people do not have bank cards. You can therefore make a deposit transaction in less than 5 minutes simply by entering your card numbers, as if you were making any purchase online. Once you press the button to confirm, you will see your bankroll instantly credited.
  • Prepaid tickets are one of the most popular alternative methods. In fact, all you have to do is go to an authorized reseller approved by Ukash and Paysafecard, the two major players in this market, to purchase one of these tickets. Once you're at home, all you have to do is enter the serial number and you're done - you have just credited your player balance.
  • Neteller is an e-wallet that only requires a few minutes of your time to sign up online in order to open an account and use it properly. After you have verified your identity through the required procedure, you can deposit funds into your Neteller account and then make a deposit at the casino. The advantage is that you deposit using a password instead of your card numbers, which can provide reassurance to many users.