Progressive jackpot: the guide to winning the online jackpot

What is the progressive jackpot?

This is the question that many players ask themselves when they see this term near a game for the first time. The progressive jackpot can be translated as a progressive pot, which in reality may not necessarily help you understand it better. So let's take the time to explain how it works in this Casino Guide When you see that a game is in progressive mode, it means that it is also in all other casinos that offer this same game online. This means that they all use the services of the same game provider.

When a game is progressive, it means that all players, regardless of the casino they are playing in, will be connected to the same network. At the end of this network, there is a common jackpot, commonly referred to as the jackpot. With each bet that a player makes, a portion of this amount is added to the jackpot. This is how it continues to increase. This means that the more players there are playing this game, the more money is added to the jackpot, which is why it is called "progressive" because it progresses with the help of the players.

What can you play in progressive mode?

When everything started in the casinos, the progressive mode only existed for slot machines. It is also in land-based casinos that the adventure of the progressive mode began. Sometimes you had machines connected to each other, and that is where the online progressive mode originated from.

Today, indeed slot machines remain at the forefront of progressive jackpots as it is with this game that the biggest jackpots have been revealed, sometimes reaching several million euros. Can you imagine that when a jackpot like this is up for grabs, thousands of players flock to the machines every day to try their luck, which results in further increasing the jackpot.

However, you will now be able to play almost all games in progressive mode, whether it's blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and many other games that would never have had the opportunity to experience this mode if online casinos on the internet had not been created. It is also a chance for players to have a new game mode available to them, regardless of the game they prefer.

How do you win a jackpot?

To win a progressive jackpot, you absolutely need to meet two conditions: first, you must receive the strongest combination of symbols or cards in the game. Let's take the example of progressive video poker, where you need to receive a royal flush, which is still quite rare. Secondly, the second condition is to always play the maximum bet allowed on the machine or table. This can be difficult for players on a small budget because if you are unlucky, your bankroll can quickly decrease.