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casino. Ils peuvent inclure des tours gratuits sur les machines à sous, des bonus de dépôt, des cashbacks et bien d'autres avantages. Profitez-en pour maximiser vos gains et prolonger votre expérience de jeu. N'oubliez pas de consulter les termes et conditions associés à chaque bonus pour en tirer le meilleur parti. Bonne chance et que la fortune soit avec vous ! Online casino If you respect our game instructions, but you will also need to be aware that unfortunately, there are conditions to respect regarding the use of these promotions. We say unfortunately because many of you do not support them even though you still like to play with this bonus money, it is unfortunately incompatible.

What is a casino bonus? A simple definition

The English market offers plenty of them, and yet not all players necessarily know clearly what a casino bonus is. So we wanted to start our article by clearly addressing an introduction to this concept.

When you play on a real money platform, the casino may choose to give you a promotion. These are simply gifts offered by the operator to encourage you to sign up or to thank you for your loyalty...

These promotions can appear in various forms, including:

  • First deposit bonuses: The casino offers you in this case to boost your money deposit on the site. A 100% bonus up to $300 will allow you to receive an additional $300, for a total of $600. On the other hand, a 200% bonus up to $300 will allow you to receive an additional $450, for a total of $750.
  • Free spins bonuses: you receive a certain number of free spins that allow you to spin the reels of the machines for free. Some offers are limited to a specific slot, others are valid for the entire range.
  • Cash bonuses: In this case, you have the possibility to receive a sum of money on your player account without it being conditioned by a deposit on your part. For example, you sign up and can start playing with this gift without having to make a payment.

Why take advantage of free casino bonuses in your online casino?

An online casino bonus, as you know, is extra money that the casino gives you in exchange for conditions that must be met. If you are a player who is not afraid of having to play a minimum number of times, for example, or being limited on the amount you can cash out at the end of your game, that's perfect. We will come back more extensively on the requirements of promotions in an article dedicated to that.

For now, it is just important that you understand how a free bonus casino can win you. There are two rules to image this:

  • The first one is that in a casino, the longer you play, the more chances you have to beat the casino. This means that if you stick to your betting values and maintain them, then you will play longer with a larger sum, it's logical.
  • The second option is that if you prefer to play for a shorter amount of time but increase the amount of your bets, then you will win much more since there is a proportional relationship between the amount of your bet and the amount of your winnings.

The elements to check before registering on a casino with bonus

We mentioned it in the introduction of our article, for any activated bonus, you must be aware that there are conditions to be met. And yes, finding a casino with a bonus is an easy task, but finding an establishment with acceptable conditions is a bit more complex. And trust us, it is really important to take note of - These conditions To avoid any unpleasant surprises during or at the end of the game, the most common issue reported by players is the respect of minimum bets. Indeed, you will need to play a defined number of times before being able to withdraw your winnings.

What happens most often is that you have a player who starts a game and in the middle of it, they make very good moves. They have a very high balance and try to withdraw but realize that it doesn't work. The casino will say that it's normal because they haven't reached the required number of bets. It's very frustrating at that moment.

Something pretty annoying is the fact that you can't withdraw your entire bankroll simply because the bonus is limited in cashing out. So you will have a sum that will be set from the start and you won't be able to deviate from it.

You will understand that the important thing is to read the bonus conditions before even activating it in order to avoid finding yourself in an unpleasant situation during your game. It is also important to know which bonuses you are entitled to in order to make the most of them! Of course, you can rely on our guide to find the best casino bonuses on the best online casinos.

What are the different types of online casino bonuses?

We have introduced you to the online casino bonuses and now we are going to reveal them to you. It is very important that at some point, you know how to differentiate between all the promotions that will be available to you. Casinos will offer you so many that you could quickly become overwhelmed if you don't have some basic training. Rest assured, we will reveal everything to you.

Welcome bonuses

Here are the most interesting bonuses (in particular the no deposit bonus casino These are the ones you definitely shouldn't miss if you plan on playing with bonuses. They will be offered to you immediately after you register in the casino. You can triple or even quadruple your initial bet when you activate a bonus like this. You just need to activate it before making your deposit and once the transaction is complete, you will see your balance increase.

Reload bonuses

Each time you want to make a money deposit in the online casino you're playing at, you can request a deposit bonus to improve your balance. Don't expect to get the same rates as with the sign-up bonuses, they will be smaller, but still interesting to activate. Make sure to check the terms and conditions to ensure that you agree with what is required in terms of bets.

Referral bonuses

It is a bonus that will put your "sales" skills into action. Indeed, this bonus is offered to every player if one of their friends signs up and makes a minimum deposit. So you need to motivate your friends if they enjoy playing at an online casino and of course, if you are satisfied with your establishment. Do not send your acquaintances to a casino that you find incompetent or dishonest, that would not be nice at all. For this type of bonus, sponsorship You can expect to receive between 20 $ and 50 $, depending on the casino operators.

Loyalty bonuses

To obtain loyalty bonuses, as the name implies, you will need to be a fairly regular player. This is why we advise you to focus on one or two casinos only; the fewer you have, the more you deposit on the ones you play at, and therefore the loyalty bonus will be larger. For this bonus, it is often a free amount corresponding to a percentage of what you have deposited in the month that will be credited to you, 15% or 20%. If you are a VIP in the casino, then you may be able to get more.

birthday bonuses

If you play on your birthday, many online casinos will not hesitate to give you a gift. You will receive an amount ranging from $10 to $50, credited for free to your balance. Beware, this bonus is often dedicated to slot machines.

Launch bonuses

The promotions offered when a new game is launched are called launch bonuses. If the casino deems it worthy of advertising, they will offer small amounts of money, for example 5$, for players to try the game. Don't expect to win crazy amounts with these.

Focus on the conditions of offers activated with or without a casino bonus code

You can well imagine that the casino will not add two to three times the amount you just deposited simply because you have pretty eyes and have entered a casino bonus code. That would be so nice, but one must not dream, obviously. In order to make money with a casino bonus, you must fulfill several conditions that are explicitly stated on online casino websites, and which often appear just before activating your bonus. So you cannot miss them, but on the other hand, many of you do not read them. Yet it is essential to understand them because otherwise, you may be disappointed or frustrated during your game, and moreover, it will be your fault. Let's see together what the casino can ask you for a bonus.

The conditions for the deposit

First of all, the casino may ask you to use a specific method to make your deposit if you want to take advantage of the bonus. Often, all bonuses can be obtained with all deposit methods, but for the player to choose a particular method, the casino may inflate the bonus a little. The goal? Simplify their accounting with simpler methods such as Neteller, for example. So make sure that the bonus you are aiming for corresponds to your deposit means.

The conditions for the game

A little like the previous condition, there are specialized bonuses for certain games. For example, you will receive larger bonuses for slot machines than for table games. This is a fact that needs to be taken into account, as 80% of bonuses are intended for slot machines. Therefore, check the list provided by the casino in the terms and conditions, as it specifies the games that are excluded from the promotion.

The conditions for bets

This is the point that creates the most disputes between players and online casinos. The classic case is that you are playing with a bonus, you have a good session, you are lucky and you make significant winnings. As a result, you want to withdraw your winnings but it doesn't work. You contact customer service and they tell you that you have not yet fulfilled the wagering requirement. This wagering requirement is actually a minimum number of times to play before being able to withdraw what you have won. You can calculate this number yourself using the formula stated in the terms, or simply ask your customer service to provide it to you.

Conditions for withdrawals

So it is only after fulfilling the betting conditions that you can request a withdrawal of your winnings. Be aware that the amount you can withdraw will be capped. This means that if you win more than what the bonus offers, the deducted amount will disappear. However, know that the allowed amounts are often quite high, so you can treat yourself. Once again, you can calculate the amount of the authorized withdrawal with the formula listed in the terms or ask your customer service agent for information.

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