Twitch bans the streaming of casino games on its platform

Friday, October 7, 2023
casino en ligne twitch

The Twitch platform has announced the implementation of a new policy aimed at prohibiting the streaming of content relating to casino games, in particular roulette games, dice games or even slot machines . This ban, which will take effect from October 18, targets markets that are not authorized in the United States or that do not have strong consumer protection policies.

The main sites targeted by Twitch

So far, the platform has yet to unveil the final list of sites targeted by its ban. However, Twitch has already unveiled a list of the first Online casinos targeted, in particular, and . These various online gaming sites have a large flow on the streaming platform, and their content is mainly focused on slot machines and roulette games.

This is not a surprise, as you could already find many streams on Twitch with gaming content from these areas. Twitch says it "may identify others" in the future, so the list of banned websites will likely grow. The website will continue to allow websites that focus on certain types of gaming content, including sports betting and poker.

“Twitch has already unveiled a list of the first targeted sites, including, and”

Why ban gambling on Twitch?

This is a problem that has always concerned Twitch for years. It all starts with a Tweet from ItsSliker on September 17, in which he admits to having scammed more than $300,000 many people to fuel his gambling addiction, which sparked a hurricane of outrage.

Twitch reacted and made the decision to ban gambling sites that include dice games, roulette and slot machines which are not authorized or do not provide consumer protection. This includes some of the most popular online casinos including Duelbits, Rollbits, Rootets and Stakes , the latter sponsoring several streamers, including Adin Ross and Trainwreck.

twitch casino

Why is gambling streaming controversial in the USA?

Generally speaking, sponsored gambling streams are considered unethical for two reasons. First, they do the promoting a potentially ruinous hobby among adults, and secondly, it is easy for children to be exposed to on the platform.

Gambling addiction is a serious problem. According to the NCRG, it affects 1% of adults and 6-9% of young adults in the United States. in one form or another. It is also often associated with an underlying mental illness.

Based on these facts, it is easy to understand why people do not like the idea of sponsored gambling streams on Twitch. But there is also another argument against this: people also claim that it paints an unrealistic picture of the reality of gaming in the sense that not everyone who plays is a millionaire streamer, let alone a sponsor who pays to do so.

Twitch has been monitoring the issue for years. However, it has never committed to making a decision. Faced with mounting pressure, the streaming platform has been forced to react and has decided, initially, to ban the aforementioned games.

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