Gambling cheater: Richard Marcus, the pro in all categories

Thursday, August 23, 2023
richard marcus le "tricheur pro"

If being a cheat at gambling was a profession, Richard Marcus would certainly be the top in the category. With over 20 years of cheating in all casino games, Richard Marcus has managed to accumulate several million dollars. Although we are opposed to all forms of cheating, we have decided to review the extraordinary journey of the man nicknamed the "pro cheat".

From honest player to professional cheater, the limit is thin

"After more than 25 years of cheating and $5 million in fraud, Mr. Marcus is finally exposed."

Richard Marcus, maybe you've heard his name before? It must be said that this brave man managed to fool the casinos of the world for more than 25 years. Starting out as a talented gambler and a real fan of casino games, Richard Marcus became a croupier in various Las Vegas casinos. This position gives him the chance to master all the subtleties of the games down to the smallest detail; this is how the story began.

Years later, he meets a man named Classon, a professional cheat. The man takes him under his wing and teaches him the tricks of the trade. Like a mentor, Classon helps Richard take his vices even further: he asks him to create new cheating techniques. After over 25 years of cheating and 5 million dollars of fraud, Mr Marcus is finally exposed.

jetons 5 casino

The Savannah shot, it spins the wheel all over the place

The Savannah move is certainly one of Richard Marcus' most well-known bluffs. This name came from a stripper trying to charm Mr. Marcus the night he invented the scheme. The idea is simple: Richard Marcus bets three $5 chips and then, if he wins, swaps one of the chips with a higher denomination chip. at roulette , which is a low bet.

If the bet proves successful Mr Marcus begins to dance with joy. The croupier, bewildered, turns to the player. Richard Marcus then shows under the pile of red chips a brown $300 chip Being hidden throughout the game under the red chips, which are small bets that did not attract the dealer's attention, Mr. Marcus would only reveal this chip if he won. This trick remains one of the most well-known out of many others that proved to be very - very - profitable.

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