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We mentioned it in our previous articles, online casinos offer game libraries that would make most land-based casinos jealous. What is important to note is that these online games They are better and better realized and if 15 years ago, they may not have been at the level, today, they are superior to what you will find in a real casino. For you, so that you know what to expect when you enter the "doors" of your virtual casino, here is a list of games available in your online casino.

slot machines

They are called "slots" or "one-armed bandits", we had to start with them because they are simply the most developed game online. Why? Simply because players love them. It is the most popular game online. The slot machine, everyone knows it, you "insert" a coin and activate it, then wait a few seconds for the result to arrive. You have some casinos that develop over 500 of them. So you have an exceptional choice, enough to make most land-based casinos blush. There are all types of slots, but the latest ones, those developed with 3D technology, are great to play. The animations make the game really fun. Definitely worth a try.

video poker

This game is great and highly appreciated by poker players. Online video poker resembles a slot machine, and it is played against the machine. The goal of the game is to present a winning combination after receiving two draws, with the option to select cards to exchange in the first draw for the second draw. The principle of the game is really interesting as it requires thinking. In fact, as we mentioned, many poker players use video poker when they want to practice alone. It is the casino game with the most variations, around ten in total, created over time.

table games

When you enter an online casino, a lot of promotion will be made for table games, which have been symbols of casinos since ancient times. Here, you will find blackjack, baccarat, roulette, pai gow, sic bo, three-card poker, etc. In an online casino, you always find several variants and therefore have a significant choice of games.

Scratch tickets

It has become trendy to scratch virtual tickets in online casinos. Today, all casinos offer scratch cards because players appreciate them. Obviously, they realized that the selection was greater and the winnings as well. So, indeed, habits are hard to change, most enthusiasts continue to buy their tickets from their newsagents or tobacco shops, but more and more are realizing the benefits of scratching online.

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