Generation Y and the online casino: conquering i-gaming

Friday, March 8, 2023
bonhomme casque réalité virtuelle robot cartes

Generation Y encompasses individuals born between 1980 and 1995 and, according to studies, up until 2000. This generation, which has witnessed the fastest technological evolution of all time, has developed a unique connection with various communication methods and computer tools. Since the advent of modern marketing in the 1960s, the goods and services industry has had to adapt to attract new audiences. The question is: what about the world of i-gaming, which now needs to appeal to this target? We investigated!

An online casino must be accessible

Pulling out your hair to access an online casino game is not for this generation that wants everything, right away! Indeed, millennials (another term) particularly appreciate what is convenient. To stand out from the competition and attract more young people to their platforms, online casinos must make their interface accessible.

This is what is being done more and more like 22Bet and its mobile app, highly rated by internet users. A way to allow them to be multi-tasking and multi-support: to do several things at the same time, a trademark for this generation that optimizes its time.

An online casino must be up to date

"Mobile accessibility and diversity of games, a powerful duo for today's online casino!" »

Another way to allow better accessibility is to use the right technologies at the right time. The increase in mobile usage has allowed operators to offer mobile versions to their players and even online casino applications. This optimal accessibility benefits the platforms as customer loyalty is more pronounced.

Being able to easily play ensures having more customers who play longer. In addition to being mobile-friendly, the casino must not neglect one of the historic ingredients of its quality: the diversity of games they offer. Mobile accessibility and game diversity, a powerful duo for today's online casino!

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An online casino must offer a unique gaming experience

The cherry on the cake: the user experience offered by the platform. To provide a unique experience to this new generation, it is necessary to consider this target as a set of unique individuals and not as a mass of individuals. We explain ourselves...

Whether through a niche offering or ultra-optimal customer support, the service must stand out in some way to inspire something unique in the individual and, at the same time, make them feel their own uniqueness.

In addition, the interaction between players is also a track to explore, as today communities identify themselves through a strong marking of the common points that unite them. In short, ingenuity will be required to capture this new audience and satisfy them over and over again. A beautiful challenge for the gaming industry, which still has bright days ahead.

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