Mine games are back in online casinos!

Friday, January 14, 2023
jeux de mine casino

You have definitely heard of the minesweeper game at some point in your life. If it's not you, it's maybe your parents who introduced you to it. Currently, a new trend is emerging: publishers are increasingly offering new versions of the game. casino mining games Is it the future of entertainment? You will know everything.

💣 Throwback to the famous minesweeper

It's between the 60s and 70s that mine games (often called minesweeper) were born on the first computers. Although initially this game was not popular, because the systems were too expensive and not accessible to everyone, it was rather in the 80s that it became known to the general public.

The most famous deminers:

  • ♦ 💣 Mined out;
  • ♦ 💣 Yomp.

The principle was simple, a minefield is represented by a grid. Each square can either be empty or contain a mine. The goal was to uncover all the empty squares without getting blown up by a mine.

It is actually a mix between gambling and puzzle. A lot of variants in the world then saw the light of day, in 3D, triangular or even with several mines, then the online casino took over this popular game!

jeu de mine casino

💲 Casino mining games

“Teufleur, the famous Streamer, won 200,000 euros in a single game! »

In recent months, game publishers have increasingly focused on mining games. Several titles have emerged to the delight of players.

However, it has now become entirely a game of chance. There are no longer any real strategies to adopt, but these titles have already made some people happy! For example Teufeur, the famous Streamer, won 200,000 euros in one game!

Here are the best casino mining games:

  • Evolplay Minefield : RTP between 95.83 and 96.26%;
  • Stakes Casino mining game : RTP between 95.5 and 99%;
  • Stake Chicken Mine Game : 99% RTP.

It's a new time the publisher Scribe Games who has brought back into fashion this popular game. The author of the famous crash Aviator game has managed to offer players a new game of chance. From now on, you will be able to try to avoid mines and accumulate winnings on a huge variety of different variations. Different themes, rules, and atmospheres await you.

Very good days still await the game of mines thanks to the online casino! It is obvious that it is one of the future greatest games of the gaming world. We can only advise you to try a game and clear your way, watch out for the mines!

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