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In the world of land-based casinos, you have the slot machine players, video poker players who had no trouble transitioning to online games, and then you have the others, the baccarat players, blackjack players, roulette players, table game players in general who have a bit more difficulty going online. virtual casinos because they have a relatively valid excuse: the atmosphere is not the same. By this, they meant that without a dealer who enlivens the table, the game loses its appeal.

An innovative game mode

Today, this excuse is no longer valid as a new game mode appears in online casinos, it's called the "Live Dealer" or "Croupier en direct" if you want to use the English term. For us, this represents the most beautiful technological advancement that casino operators on the Internet have made, bringing life back to games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and many others. We say "innovation," but in reality, this game mode has already existed for quite some time, especially in Asia where it is very popular. However, in our Western casinos, those that operate in the English market for example, it is quite recent, with the first ones being launched just a few months ago.

Simple operation

The operating system is simple, but still requires a perfectly organized organization. That is why small online casinos, without big resources, struggle to access it. In reality, the casino is associated with a company that offers dealer services. The company has premises where game tables are installed. These game tables are under video surveillance, which means that there is a video recording system that broadcasts live and continuously what is happening on the game table. Dealers take turns on the tables all day and all night to offer you this uninterrupted service. The image is therefore transmitted to your screens when you connect. On your side, when you make a move on the table, for example, place a chip on black 2 in roulette, this order is displayed on a screen in front of the dealer who only has to read the information and transcribe it gesturally.

Multiple benefits for the player

This system has attracted a large number of users who have found the sensations of a real casino, but this time from their own home. The feeling of "life", of being accompanied in a game where the dealer plays a vital role, is finally available and that is what was missing for the players.

This will also allow the most recalcitrant to realize that on the net, there is no cheating. There, they will have the game in front of them to make sure.

Last advantage: being able to get used to the table, to the dealer's gestures. This means that when you go to a land-based casino for the first time, well, you will already have automatism that will be of great help to you.

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