The best English-speaking casinos

The qualities of a good casino

our introduction, we talked about the tests that our experts carry out in order to find the casinos that we can present to you as the best. As a guide, it is our duty to offer you establishments where you can play safely. In This article We will quickly go back over the criteria we check in each analysis. It is important that you understand our approach and if you also wanted to find a casino by yourself, which we fully understand, then you can use the same control scheme. Of course, the easiest thing for you is to trust us or to trust some of our partners.

The quality of games and software

Let's start with the software, not all casinos provide it. In fact, it appears that recently launched casinos only offer a Flash version. For those that offer software, we recommend downloading it and making sure it suits you. The problem with some software is that there hasn't been much effort put into the interface. It can be dull and unattractive. If that's the case, you'll quickly get bored. So try to find a casino that has recently refreshed its software and you may come across some gems.

Speaking of pearls in iGaming, we warmly recommend the site of Alan, a passionate player who speaks very well of the free online casino.

As for games, we believe that two trends are emerging now: 3D for slot machines and Live casino for table games (live dealers). If the casino you play on does not offer these options, then switch to another one.

The bonuses available

For those who are not familiar with bonuses, you can read our specialized article to learn more. In any case, when we test a casino, this is one of the criteria we check immediately. Casinos always have a "Promotions" page that lists all these bonuses. What you need to observe are the bonus rates, which should be high, and the conditions of these bonuses to ensure that you will have no difficulty fulfilling them.

Customer service and you

The advantage of an online casino is that it provides customer service to you, but it is important that it is available when you are playing. You know your gaming habits, and you know when you prefer to play, so check if it aligns with the service's opening hours. And what we also like to do is try all the contact methods to make sure they work. Often, there are three options: phone, live chat, and email. If you receive a response each time, it is a first sign of quality.

Deposit and withdrawal solutions

There, it is clear, you will not be able to try anything without having started playing in real mode. Just take a look to see if the casino offers you the payment solution you prefer.

The general opinion of the players

A casino with a good reputation is necessarily a casino where players are satisfied. What we do each time is to go to a forum and check what other users of the casino say. If the majority of comments are positive, then it is a very good sign.

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