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Bonus conditions

If you take a bonus in an online casino, it is super advantageous since you will get extra money and that you will therefore be able to play for longer or harder. When we say harder, we of course mean "bigger bets". But you should also know that there will be conditions to respect. This seems logical. But it also scares some players who don't have enough information and therefore don't really understand what the conditions are. To set things straight, here is our specialized article.

Why are conditions imposed?

We believe it is completely normal to have conditions imposed on players who use bonuses. Otherwise, the scenario would be simple: the player activates the bonus and then immediately withdraws their money. The casino would then be a kind of benefactor feeding all its visitors' pockets. This is clearly impossible and the conditions are therefore necessary to regulate all this activity. But you don't have to feel trapped by these conditions, because once you have analyzed them, you will realize that there is nothing complicated about fulfilling them.

The list of these conditions

There are several that we will briefly describe to you:

  • Deposit condition: You must use the correct deposit method for the bonus to be awarded to you without any issues. Casinos do this to steer you towards more beneficial methods for them, such as Neteller for example.
  • game condition: be careful that the game you want to try is compatible with the bonus because you should know that 80% of the bonuses are only made for slot machines.
  • Wagering requirements: when you activate a bonus, you will need to play a determined number of times. This number is calculated based on your deposit and the bonus characteristics. You can find the calculation formula in the terms and conditions, but you can also ask customer service for it, they will provide you with the information without any trouble. Don't be afraid of a high number of wagers as you will make them without even realizing it.
  • Withdrawal condition: once your obligatory bets have been made, then you can withdraw your winnings. But be careful, taking a bonus will limit this withdrawal. However, there is no need to worry, as the amount of this withdrawal will, in most cases, greatly exceed your expectations. To find out the exact amount, there is only one thing to do: calculate it using the available formula.

Our advice n°1: read these conditions

This is our only advice regarding bonuses: read the terms and conditions before activating them. By doing so, you will be fully aware of what you are doing and won't be able to regret your decision once it's made. Happy reading to everyone!

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