Counting blackjack cards: zoom on the most classic method

Win part of black jack may seem to be based on luck, but it is still possible to play the odds by learning how to count blackjack cards from the shoe. An increasing number of players seem to want to delve into the technique of card counting during their games on this game of chance. Our specialized website on gambling offers you access to all the most secret information on this system that allows you to win more and more hands, therefore more winnings!

Before You Think About Online Blackjack Card Counting, Learn Hand Values ​​First

How to count cards in blackjack if you don't know the actual point value assigned to each of them? Let's start this article by reminding the value of each card in a hand.

Numbered cards earn you the number of points indicated (from 2 to 10). The ace will give you 1 or 10 points of your choice, and the figures 10 points.

Now that you know this, you will be able to look at the basic strategy of betting against the house, at the same time as you count the cards on the table.

Here's how to count cards in blackjack in a simple way: a complete point on this technique

Counting cards in online blackjack involves understanding whether the remaining shoe consists of strong cards or not. Your decisions will be different depending on whether you are dealing with a hot or cold shoe.

Aces and face cards (10, jack, queen, and king) count for -1 point. The 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are worth +1, and the 7, 8, and 9 give zero points. When the dealer deals the first card, the score is at 0. You just need to count as quickly as possible to get an idea of the situation.

Practice blackjack card counting from a free version or with a deck of cards at home

To take advantage of the house and improve your blackjack statistics and therefore your chances of winning, the easiest way is to place your bet on free play.

To test Hi Lo counting and other strategies, you have unlimited use of our blackjack machines.

Casinos monitor each player's blackjack statistics: is it legal to count cards?

Blackjack card counting is not allowed in casinos. However, it is difficult for an online gambling site to understand whether the player is counting the cards dealt.

You will therefore have the chance to try to apply this technique to your bets in internet establishments.

Do you want to combine business with pleasure? Perfect your technique by watching the blackjack movie “21”

You may have understood that counting blackjack cards is not as simple as it seems. A blackjack movie called "21" therefore offers you a fun solution: counting cards in a team.

In this film, several students put their theories into practice by playing the same tables and attempting to increase their chances of winning by counting together. To find out what happens next, all you have to do is watch this little masterpiece!

We open the doors of blackjack to you.

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