Fake News or Truth? The 4 rumors circulating about the land-based casino

Thursday, 10 May 2023
fake news verite casino rumeurs

There are many, somewhat obscure areas where the average person seeks a simple explanation for what they do not understand. Conspiracy theorists will talk about reptilians, Illuminati, and Area 51, but to a lesser extent, we have seen rumors on the internet about what goes on in land-based casinos. Whether these rumors were born out of movies or fabricated entirely, we take it upon ourselves to set the record straight so that you can shine at your next gathering with friends or social event.

1. Las Vegas is home to the biggest casinos in the world

FAKE Many of us imagine the United States, and particularly Las Vegas, as a place where everything is exaggerated. In the pretext that it is a city built in a desert, we think that the architects who build in Las Vegas have the worst megalomania and construct the largest land-based casinos in the world.

Until recently, this may have been true, but not anymore. Indeed, the new gambling capital is Macao, China. Nevada no longer has a monopoly on superlatives! The world's largest land-based casino is located in Asia, called the Venetian Macao. To give you an idea of its size, here are some numbers.

He owns 24 restaurants and over 3,000 hotel rooms. In terms of gaming, if you visit this casino, you will have a choice among approximately 3,000 slot machines and almost 900 gaming tables. Incredible, right?

2. Land-based casinos charge their atmosphere with oxygen to make you spend more

" Some claim that land-based casinos increase the oxygen level within their establishment to keep players in an alert state so that they do not feel fatigue to continue playing [...]"

It seems that casinos have no scruples and stop at nothing to encourage players to spend maximum money. To support this theory, some claim that land-based casinos increase the oxygen levels within their establishments to keep players in an alert state so that they do not feel tired and continue to play (and therefore continue to bet).

FAKE Players who reflect on the consequences of such a rumor have certainly immediately sensed the danger. Indeed, oxygen is highly flammable and would therefore make the atmosphere unstable and dangerous.

The only true fact in a land-based casino is that you won't see either a clock or a window to lose track of time. But that's just a marketing tactic, it's up to you to wear a watch and set your own limits!

3. You have a one in two chance of winning at roulette

roulette islot casino oxygène

FAKE The professionals in statistics are laughing just by reading the sentence above. Yet, it is the principle on which a famous martingale is based! We will not go into the details of this technique as it is not the purpose of this article, but be aware that land-based casinos are aware of this strategy and limit the possibilities of using it.

On the other hand, the statistics are distorted because zero is neither red nor black. Furthermore, if you know a little about statistics, red and black are represented equally, and even if you don't count zero, no draw depends on the other. Roulette is a completely random game, and just because the ball has stopped on red the previous 3 times doesn't mean that the next draw will be black.

4. If the progressive jackpot is sky high, now is the time to play because it will soon drop

FAKE This is a mistake that many players make. Just because the jackpot reaches six figures doesn't mean the win is imminent. The Random Number Generator is programmed in such a way that every player has the exact same chances at any stage of the game to hit the jackpot.

Remove from your mind the idea that the odds increase or decrease depending on whether you use the lever or the button, it is exactly the same command. What is true, however, for a slot machine is that some pay out more than others, more or less often. These are the concepts of redistribution and volatility that interest you then. We will discuss the topic in This article so that you can see more clearly

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