Land-based casino VS online casino: 3 miscellaneous facts that will make you change your mind

Thursday, April 12, 2023
3 faits divers casino personnages

If you are a player from the old school who prefers to go to land-based casinos to win thousands, or even millions of euros, wait a moment to read the following three news stories... Three true stories happening in land-based casinos that have recently shocked us. After finishing your reading, you will be happy to be able to sign up for an online casino safely!


1. When racism serves casino robbers

In the United States, the controversy surrounding the African-American cause is growing, particularly in the face of the increasing number of police blunders towards black individuals. A thief despicably took advantage of this "trend" to go and rob a casino in Las Vegas.

Last January, it had been 6 months since Cameron James Kennedy was released from prison. Locked up for 5 years for two armed bank robberies, this time behind bars seemingly didn't cool him down. But in addition to robbing a casino, he tried to pass himself off as a black robber. The casino cashier, forced to hand over the casino's money, gave him $23,000, and then described what he saw to the police.

However, it seems that this disguise did not quite work, as the victim of the robbery noticed inconsistencies in the complexion of the criminal. This detail allowed investigators to locate and arrest Cameron James Kennedy, 26, who faces up to 20 years in prison.

2. She had her $10,000 winnings stolen from the casino parking lot

jackpot volé parking

An American player experienced an emotional roller coaster when she went to the Montego Bay casino in West Wendover, Nevada. Wanting to simply have some fun with the casino games, luck was on her side and she hit a $10,000 jackpot. After recovering from the excitement, she left the casino to enjoy her victory at home.

But in the casino parking lot, she gets her $10,000 winnings stolen! Just imagine winning a handsome sum and having it stolen away just a few hours later... You can easily imagine the state of mind of the unlucky winner.

But the wind turns, and fortunately, the police finds a large part of the jackpot in a car parked in a motel parking lot. The authorities have obviously arrested the thief, Ted Marshall, who has been imprisoned for theft and also possession of drugs.

3. When land-based casinos don't put their cards on the table

blanchiment argent jeu

A few weeks ago, two managers of a casino of the Partouche group (In world, therefore) were questioned and indicted. The reason ? " Misuse of corporate assets ". What happened?

The two individuals are currently banned from managing or directing a casino, as they are suspected of concealing a portion of poker bets. The story doesn't end here, as two players have also been apprehended for being in possession of misappropriated funds and aiding and abetting. They are, of course, no longer allowed to set foot in gambling establishments.

It would have started at least a year and a half ago, the four individuals would not have declared the total amount of bets placed during the poker games. Indeed, the amounts reported in the legal declarations would be twenty times lower than the reality. Of course, the silence of the involved executives would have been bought with a commission system.

The consequences of this affair? Partouche's stock plummeted by 15% on the stock market. The group is surprised by the extensive media coverage of this incident, as it claims to otherwise comply with anti-money laundering laws. Boldness or an attempt to appease the media? This is a case we will closely follow for you!

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